Fox Contracts has an enviable track record in transport infrastructure projects – from major road construction for example N56, Co. Donegal, road realignment for example A29 Carland Bridge, Dungannon  and access roads for example Newry Train Station.

Our Infrastructure experience includes:


  • Trunk roads, distributor roads and link roads


  • Roundabouts


  • Traffic light controlled junctions


  • Commercial and residential estate roads


  • Highway and junction improvements


  • Embankments and cuttings


  • Retaining walls and slope stabilization


  • Underpass infilling


  • Car and bus parks, cycle ways and footpaths


  • Underpasses and culverted watercourses


  • Paving block- Natural stone kerbing and flagging


  • Speed control measures, including ramps, raised tables, high friction surfaces and rumble strips


  • Street lighting, signage, safety barriers and fencing


  • Highway drainage, interceptors, SUDS, balancing ponds, flow control structures and outfalls


  • Management and coordination of utilities diversion works and new supplies


  • Traffic and pedestrian management


  • Airport runways


  • Design and build


  • Ground stabilization using in-house lime cement


  • Flood relief


  • Working in areas of special interest


  • Removal of contaminated ground and invasive species


  • Directional drilling


  • Landscaping


  • Laying of Sewerages and construction of pumping stations


  • Construction of mammal underpasses


  • Electro fishing and river realignment



see project profiles for previous experience