Fox Contracts has an enviable track record in transport infrastructure projects – from major road construction for example N56, Co. Donegal, road realignment for example A29 Carland Bridge, Dungannon  and access roads for example Newry Train Station. The above pictured N55 in County Cavan.

Our Infrastructure experience includes:


  • Trunk roads, distributor roads and link roads


  • Roundabouts


  • Traffic light controlled junctions


  • Commercial and residential estate roads


  • Highway and junction improvements


  • Embankments and cuttings


  • Retaining walls and slope stabilization


  • Underpass infilling


  • Car and bus parks, cycle ways and footpaths


  • Underpasses and culverted watercourses


  • Paving block- Natural stone kerbing and flagging


  • Speed control measures, including ramps, raised tables, high friction surfaces and rumble strips


  • Street lighting, signage, safety barriers and fencing


  • Highway drainage, interceptors, SUDS, balancing ponds, flow control structures and outfalls


  • Management and coordination of utilities diversion works and new supplies


  • Traffic and pedestrian management


  • Airport runways


  • Design and build


  • Ground stabilization using in-house lime cement


  • Flood relief


  • Working in areas of special interest


  • Removal of contaminated ground and invasive species


  • Directional drilling


  • Landscaping


  • Laying of Sewerages and construction of pumping stations


  • Construction of mammal underpasses


  • Electro fishing and river realignment



see project profiles for previous experience